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 $2500... STANDARD EQUIPMENT: 4-wheel disk brakes, Rack and pinion steering and EARTH-BRAKE USD 

* plus shipping & handling

The "Inuit" is the lighter weight of the two carts, smaller, and a bit more nimble, great for dry land racing, training teams of all sizes, or recreational play... The "Inuit" is 12" shorter in the front cargo area than the "Malamute"....

All carts come standard with parking brakes....

The "Inuit", is for those that train larger teams, and don't need to carry lots of extra gear, you can get the "Runner" option, or the new "Half-runner", it gives you more standing room for a passenger, yet still allows easy running when you need to assist your team, the "Half-runner is seen below or a full platform is always available for your "Inuit"....

Important note, the "Earth-brake" should not be deployed until the cart comes to a complete stop ! ! !


Jig welded steel frame Mild steel tubing
Tires 20.00 X 7.00 X 8" ask for optional sizes
Wheels 5�" X 8" Safety bead rims, almost eliminate broken beads from low air pressure
Brakes Drum/Band Brake, used on go-carts, no rubbing on the tires or 4-wheel disk
Paint Powder coated epoxy, baked on at 400�F (Federal Safety Yellow)
Hand grips Foam insulated grips, keeps you warm from the steel bars
Platform Expanded sheet metal, everything falls through, and it's very slip resistant
Size Over-All Approx. 66" long X 48" wide X 50" tall (20" folded is the tire height)


Wide stance (very stable) Short wheel-base (very nimble) "Half-runner" option
Optional lighting, one of two head-lights, or maybe a safety flashing light for when you hear someone coming... One single locking pin for easy assembly when you get to your favorite training site, with safety lock pin... It's very easy to fold down for travel, no tools needed, and it's very quiet... Lots of grab handle for passengers

Penny and Kevin take-in rescues, here they are running 7 of the 10 dogs they have, the "Inuit" handles their team with ease... with the "Half-runner" platform they have more room to stand, and can still easily reach the steering if they want to run up any hills...

The "Inuit" comes standard as fold-down, the highest point on all of them will be the tops of the 20" X 7" ATV tires, the width is around 48" X 66" long, so they will fit in a standard truck bed or van...

If you need lights for running at night, let me know what you want, I'll add the mounts for you and you can put your own lights on, or I can install all of the lights and switches for you...

The "Inuit" weights about 210 pounds.....



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