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"NOW" with front & rear brakes ! ! !

  $600 USD 

* plus shipping & handling


Jig welded steel frame Mild steel tubing
Tires 20.00 X 7.00 X 8" ask for optional sizes
Wheels 5�" X 8" Safety bead rims, almost eliminate broken beads from low air pressure
Brakes Drum/Band Brake, used on go-carts, no rubbing on the tires
Paint Powder coated epoxy, baked on at 400�F (Federal Safety Yellow)
Fenders HDPE front & back (standard)
Hand grips Foam insulated grips, keeps you warm from the steel bars
Platform Expanded sheet metal, everything falls through, and it's very slip resistant


"Sasquatch" full trim

Serious scooter talk

"Sasquatch" racing with 4 alaskans...

 photo credits #2, 3 Dwight Tuinstra

To give you an idea how big the tires really are, here's a regulation basket ball for comparison...

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Take-down photo sequence


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for training 1 dog or even small teams

(I run 3 Malamutes & a friend has  run his 4 Alaskans with no problems)

Definition of Sasquatch

The all-terrain light weight scooter is capable of going through several inches of snow, it can be used 12 months of the year, in virtually all conditions.

Sasquatch weighs 60 lbs. as seen here.
It's 65" long, the handle bar height of 43" (from ground) can be made to your specifications, (custom sizing) but not adjustable, the platform is 13" X 22" long inside the frame, and 6" high (to the ground), so it's easy to kick when you might want or need to. When the front steering pin is removed the main part of the scooter is 40" long and weighs about 40 lbs.

The tires are 20" tall X 7" wide (see the photos above), and are the ATV variety. They are capable of eating up all kinds of terrain: snow, sand, mud, rocks, roots, and limbs, and are equally at home on pavement if you choose. The tires are the shock absorbers of the scooter, are very flexible, and follow the contour of any surface. The wheels are a special bead-lock rim, they make it almost impossible for the tires to become unseated from the rims, making is safer for you to venture into the wilderness and encounter flats due to low tire pressures, I encourage low tire pressure for a softer ride, and to either increase or decrease the work-out for your dogs...

Sasquatch now comes with front and rear brakes, new photos will be coming soon... the front brake is hand operated, and the front fork assembly still removes as before, the rear brake is still foot operated to allow easy take-down for transportation.
The brakes are of a variety found on go-carts and mini-bikes. They cost a bit more, but are worth it when it comes time to stop. They don't drag or rub on the tire, so they won't wear on the tires. The brakes are adjustable, and very easy to work on if it is ever necessary.

The handlebars have foam grips to isolate your hands from the steel handlebars. Large fenders keep you clean, wide (13") platform for comfortable stance, handle bars can be custom ordered for height... All "BLACKSTAR" carts and scooters are painted/powder coated with a "Federal Safety Yellow epoxy", that is baked on at 400�F. giving you one of the most durable finishes possible...

Please ask, if you have any questions...



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